Friday, November 19, 2010

Sex in Texas

Ok ladies,
I can guarantee you misspelled words sentence that don't make sense and wine talking. But sex in Texas well always be correct. Im a women divorce of for 5 years two children one in college and one at home at least for another four years and with  a boyfriend of 4 who is awesome but is not ready to move forward. My story...Im tried of waiting. I love sex more then ever especially now that its on my terms. That song its about me!!!! well its about me!  With that..How many of us wait for that man to speak up! Do women always have to say yet? Do men not get it in Texas or in  this century  what women what? With soo many talk show..Come on!!!!What the hell!!! We woman wanna moonlight and roses!! Love trust and security and our man standing by their women while we speak our mind with them realizing nights with the girls and wine  is just about girls. In that I will leave this blog with what I have at least more then five glasses of wine so that I may see the next day what the hell I WROTE. But in the mean time if you should have an opinon or agree or have any thing to give. Im happy to hear.

Sex in Texas
 39 and FIXED but Im not dead!